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World Sermons Video Hosting

World Sermons Video-On-Demand

Pastors, teachers, and ministers from around the world can host and share videos about the word of God on the video-on-demand broadcasting platform at World Sermons contains videos that minister about the many different topics concerning the issues of the world today in correlation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Start a Video Playlist

Pastors and Churches can start a Video playlist or sign up for a video website which offers more functions for video hosting. Our API technology does all the heavy lifting and saves you time from having to upload to multiple network sites.

Sponsors and Partners

Genesis TV Sponsors can opt-in for a “front page sponsor spot” where sermon videos can be hosted. Sponsored Partner’s audience can watch a playlist of videos by viewing the Church’s home page.

Partners videos can be found by way of search, within the network. Partners audiences can also watch a playlist of videos by viewing the Church’s home page.

Audience Viewing Options

  • Single Videos
  • Playlist
  • Shuffle On and Off Mode
  • Sponsors Video Posted Throughout Blog Pages

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